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  • Savaged on Social Media: Fielding Public Allegations of Domestic Violence

    October 11th, 2021

    Our justice system is built on the principle that a person is “innocent until proven guilty.” Unfortunately, that’s not how it works in the public debate, especially when it comes to social media. While social media’s purpose is to help us stay connected (at least in theory), the downside... [Link]
  • Gang Leader Sentenced for Assaulting a Member Interested in Joining a Different Gang

    October 11th, 2021

    The leader of the Aryan Circle gang pleaded guilty to assault resulting in serious bodily injury. His sentence includes 87 months in prison and three years of supervised release. According to court documents, the defendant was the leader of a violent gang in Texas. Hundreds of members throughout t... [Link]
  • Verbally refusing a Virginia DUI blood search warrant should not be a crime

    October 10th, 2021

    Verbally refusing a Virginia blood search warrant should not be sufficient to convict for obstruction of justice nor any other crime. As a Fairfax DUI lawyer, I know of two private hospitals in and near Northern Virginia where some or all nurses will not draw blood if the driving under the influence... [Link]
  • Virginia impaired driving with handguns- Beware adverse consequences

    October 7th, 2021

    Virginia impaired driving is a common type of prosecution, more commonly called DUI, DWI or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. As a Fairfax DUI lawyer, I know that committing DWI while carrying a concealed handgun in the car risks a prosecution and conviction for an additional Class 1... [Link]
  • Fairfax judicial schedules- Part of knowing your Virginia criminal judge

    October 4th, 2021

    Fairfax judicial schedules for General District Court (GDC) until earlier 2021 were weekly posted on the bulletin board of the commonwealth's attorney's office. As a Virginia criminal defense lawyer, I know how important it is for a trial lawyer to focus his or her DUI, felony and misdemeanor case p... [Link]
  • Scammers Indicted on Charges of Wire Fraud and Money Laundering

    October 3rd, 2021

    The U.S. Attorney announced that a federal grand jury indicted eleven people allegedly involved in scamming elderly victims out of money by participating in a romance scheme. Homeland Security Investigations, the Federal Bureau of Investigation Dallas Field Office, and the IRS – Criminal Investi... [Link]
  • Fairfax police video for defending against Virginia DUI prosecutions

    October 3rd, 2021

    Fairfax police video is essential to pursue as part of the process of defending against Virginia DUI and criminal prosecutions in this county. As a Fairfax DUI lawyer, I know that the same goes for obtaining law enforcement incident video for all criminal defense. This article addresses obtaining, s... [Link]
  • Challenging Virginia trial continuance requests by prosecutors

    September 29th, 2021

    Challenging trial continuance motions by prosecutors is part of a Virginia criminal defense lawyer's arsenal. As a Fairfax criminal attorney, I here address the law governing trial date continuances and defense strategies for thwarting a continuance. One of three things can happen on your Virginia c... [Link]
  • Five Important Things You Should Know About DUIs in Florida  

    September 27th, 2021

                The criminal offense of driving under the influence (DUI) seems straightforward but is much more complex than people first think.  It can be found at Florida statute §316.193.  All drivers within the state of Florida should know about the state’s DUI laws, and what they entail... [Link]
  • Blood test challenges in Virginia DUI prosecutions – Law and science

    September 27th, 2021

    Blood test challenges by the defense need to be thorough in Virginia blood draw DUI prosecutions. As a Fairfax DUI lawyer, I have defended scores of such cases, and in numerous instances worked with forensic toxicology experts. Knowing and applying the applicable law and science is critical in fight... [Link]
  • Can You Get a DUI from One Drink?

    September 24th, 2021

    In the state of Florida, a person who has any alcohol in his or her body is prohibited from being in physical control of a motor vehicle.  F.S. 322.62.  The penalties for violation of this law result in being placed out of service immediately for a twenty four hour period.  If one has a blood [... [Link]
  • Texas Super Lawyers Selects Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian attorneys

    September 23rd, 2021

    is pleased to announce that two of the partners from Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian have been selected to the 2021 Texas Super Lawyers list. Jeremy Rosenthal has proven himself an experienced attorney capable of handling intricate cases from misdemeanors to high-profile felonies. He stands beside his... [Link]
  • Individuals from North Texas Caught in an Alleged Money Laundering Scheme 

    September 23rd, 2021

    A woman, her adult daughter, and a man from North Texas all stand accused of money laundering and other crimes related to a federally funded meal program that was supposed to serve underprivileged students.   News reports indicate that the three suspects in the case allegedly operated a non-profit... [Link]
  • Fairfax DUI negotiations for wet reckless driving with 0.10 BAC or lower

    September 22nd, 2021

    Fairfax DUI negotiations for a wet reckless disposition seem to favor blood alcohol content (BAC) testing results of 0.10 or less. If the BAC testing was by blood draw rather than breath test, that BAC level for such negotiations might climb even higher. As a Fairfax DWI lawyer, I point this out as... [Link]
  • Dallas Morning News Offers Online Content Removal for Certain Criminal Convictions

    September 21st, 2021

    The Dallas Morning News is now offering people who have been implicated in crime coverage the chance to have their names removed from articles on DallasNews.com under certain conditions. To qualify, a person must have had the criminal offense legally cleared from his/her record through an expunction... [Link]
  • Sleeping While Impaired Charges – Fairfax DUI Lawyer Urges Caution

    September 20th, 2021

    Sleeping while allegedly impaired can lead to a Virginia DWI charge, says Fairfax DUI lawyer Sleeping while allegedly impaired can lead to police charges of violating the Virginia DUI law. As a Fairfax DWI lawyer, I would prefer that my clients not fall asleep behind the wheel. If they do, I prefer... [Link]
  • Fighting like hell is essential to pursuing Virginia criminal defense justice

    September 18th, 2021

    Fighting like hell is the essential approach for Virginia criminal and DUI defendants. As a Fairfax criminal and DWI lawyer, I know that if you are a criminal defendant, your back is to the wall unless you battle your way out along with a qualified lawyer. By conceiving of your plight in this way, f... [Link]
  • Wet reckless driving possibility still needs you to be ready for a DUI trial

    September 16th, 2021

    Wet reckless driving is not a term of art, but a description for a plea offer sometimes extended by prosecutors who either are concerned about the strength of their Virginia DUI case (prosecuted under Virginia Code § 18.2-266) or have concluded that the blood alcohol content (BAC) reading together... [Link]
  • 40 People Charged with Serious Federal Firearms and Drug Crimes 

    September 16th, 2021

    Several individuals are now facing serious federal firearms and drug charges in connection with a recent sting operation. “Operation Taste the Rainbow” netted 15 arrests on September 8, 2021, but has named 40 defendants. Those charged are allegedly linked to a methamphetamine trafficking operati... [Link]
  • Virginia guilty pleas addressed by Fairfax lawyer as the point of rare return

    September 14th, 2021

    Virginia guilty pleas involve criminal defendants waiving their right to plead not guilty and proceed to trial. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know that guilty pleas, as well as no contest / nolo contendere and Alford plea agreements, (collectively, Pleas, or Guilty Pleas) are entered out of the... [Link]
  • Virginia DWI law does not support assuming rising alcohol content

    September 13th, 2021

    Virginia DWI law does not support assuming that a driver's blood alcohol content was higher at the time of driving than at the time of blood alcohol content (BAC) testing via obtaining a breath or blood sample. As a Fairfax DUI lawyer, I know from working with forensic science experts and reviewing... [Link]
  • Plea Deals Reached for Men Accused of Hate Crime

    September 10th, 2021

    Four men were arrested and charged with aggravated assault with bodily injury for a January 2019 attack on a gay couple in Austin. Texas law punishes the second-degree felony with two to 20 years in prison. However, prosecutors hoped to prove the assault was a hate crime, elevating the charges to a... [Link]
  • Empowered DUI defense- Fairfax DWI lawyer addresses do’s and dont’s

    September 4th, 2021

    Empowered DUI defense -- and empowered criminal defense, for that matter -- is the only way to proceed when you are suspected of or prosecuted for alleged violations of the DUI law. Before you get behind the wheel after imbibing beer, wine or alcohol this federal holiday weekend, you will thank your... [Link]
  • Prosecuting crimes of poverty isn't the same as combating a "crime wave"

    September 2nd, 2021

    The following is a guest blog post co-authored by Elizabeth Rossi of Civil Rights Corps and Amanda Woog of the Texas Fair Defense Project. Their organizations are among the civil rights groups involved in bail litigation against Harris County. Related: this discussion of the District Attorney's clai... [Link]
  • Time for the Texas #cjreform movement to get back to basics

    September 1st, 2021

    Your correspondent hasn't been writing on Grits during the latest special session because it wasn't a time when Texas state leaders were willing to listen to reasoned argument, and this humble opuscule has little else to offer.As I wrote after the regular session ended, it's important to be clear ab... [Link]