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The following is an RSS-driven aggregation of the 50 most recent blog posts by lawyers blogging issues related to DUI law (read more about the process...). If you know of a lawyer blogging on DUI law that we haven't covered in the blogroll on the right side of the page, please send a note to Steve Matthews or Lawrence Koplow and we will get them added to the mix!

  • Suspect in Police Shooting and High-Speed Chase Sentenced to 30 Years in Federal Prison

    August 2nd, 2021

    A Lubbock resident attempted to evade police after being pulled over by officers from the Lamesa Police Department. Law enforcement discovered that he had an active warrant for discharging a firearm and was on parole. When they shouted commands at him, he allegedly responded with gunfire before le... [Link]
  • FST refusal- Beware doing otherwise in a Virginia DUI investigation

    August 1st, 2021

    FST refusal is among your most powerful tools in fighting a Virginia DWI prosecution. As a Fairfax DUI lawyer, I have seen this truism in action time and time again. The importance of refusing field sobriety testing (FST) was re-highlighted for me only two days ago, when I saw a DUI suspect (of cour... [Link]
  • Virginia DUI strategy- Achieving improper driving & refusal in DWI case

    July 31st, 2021

    Virginia DUI strategy calls for full trial preparation, skill at working for a settlement desired by the defendant, and readiness for any sentencing. Recently, I obtained a great case negotiation for a client by making clear to the prosecutor that we were proceeding to trial unless we got the case s... [Link]
  • Virginia misdemeanor defense- Fairfax criminal lawyer on dismissal law

    July 24th, 2021

    Virginia misdemeanor defense is serious business. Yes, as a Fairfax criminal lawyer I know that misdemeanors are less serious than felonies, but they are still crimes when committed, and a conviction for such crimes as theft, assault, drugs, and sometimes even DUI can haunt the convicted defendant f... [Link]
  • FBI Agent Arrested for Alleged Sex Crimes

    July 22nd, 2021

    Law enforcement officials may enforce the law, but they are not above the law. One official may be finding that out the hard way. A veteran FBI special agent has been arrested in Louisiana, according to a local Louisiana news source, and stands accused of a variety of sex crimes. These sex crimes s... [Link]
  • The Science Behind Abuse—Part 2

    July 19th, 2021

    The more we understand how domestic violence makes its way into people’s lives, the more we can do to stop it from happening. Science, though evolving, has a lot to say about the underlying causes of abuse. Whether this is your first offense, or if you’ve been arrested for domestic violence befo... [Link]
  • Texas Man Indicted on Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Assault Charges

    July 15th, 2021

    A 19-year-old man from Tyler, Texas, has been arrested on the charges of human trafficking and sexual assault after allegedly kidnapping a girl from her home in Florence, Alabama. The 13-year-old girl, a minor who the man met through an ongoing thread of Instagram messages, was reported as a missing... [Link]
  • Ignition Interlock direct mails- Telling my Virginia DUI clients to ignore them

    July 10th, 2021

    Ignition interlock is a device to drive for at least the first six monhts of restricted driving after receiving a Virginia DUI conviction. As a Fairfax DWI lawyer, I am hearing more often from clients receiving ignition interlock device direct mail soon after their incident date. I consistently advi... [Link]
  • Rideshare Sexual Assault 

    July 7th, 2021

    Ride-sharing services offer people an easy and convenient way to get around, but how do you know if it’s safe? That’s a major question that many rideshare services are still grappling with, especially after one recent Texas incident.   A 41-year-old man driving for a rideshare service in Austi... [Link]
  • Fairfax criminal defendants with lawyers will all have prosecutors again

    July 6th, 2021

    Fairfax criminal defendants for a year have experienced going to court for most non-Virginia DUI misdemeanor prosecutions to see no prosecutor involved in their case. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know that Virginia law does not require prosecutors to be involved in adult misdemeanor cases, but th... [Link]
  • DUI hot police pursuit should be challenged by the defense

    July 5th, 2021

    DUI hot police pursuit into a suspect's home is not automatically lawful under the United States Constitution's Fourth Amendment. The same goes for all warrantless misdemeanor police entries into one's home. This rule was not clarified until two weeks ago, by the Supreme Court. As a Fairfax DWI lawy... [Link]
  • Marin County DUI Checkpoint in San Rafael, this 4th of July Holiday Weekend

    June 30th, 2021

    The San Rafael Police Department is conducting a Drunk Driving and driver’s license checkpoint on Friday, July 2, 2021, from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. at an undisclosed location  The SRPD indicates that the checkpoint will be funded through state and federal grants. DUI and driver’s license checkpoi... [Link]
  • (No Title)

    June 28th, 2021

    Refusing police searches often makes the difference between winning and losing against a Virginia felony, misdemeanor and DUI prosecution. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, repeatedly I hear my clients who consent to police searches say that the police were going to find the contraband or evidence of cr... [Link]
  • Domestic Violence in Nontraditional Families – Part 2

    June 24th, 2021

    As our society has expanded its understanding of what makes up a family, we see statistically that no family unit is immune to the threat of domestic violence. Whether you’re part of what is historically considered a “traditional” family (i.e., heterosexual married couple/biological parents)... [Link]
  • Texas Man Charged with Kidnapping After 4-Year-Old Boy Found Dead

    June 23rd, 2021

    A Texas man is in custody after he allegedly kidnapped a young boy from his crib inside a Dallas home. The boy was found dead a short time later of apparent stab wounds. His death is being treated as a homicide. The 18-year-old Texas man was caught on home surveillance video lifting the young boy [... [Link]
  • Abbott vetoes demonstrate continued antipathy toward #cjreform, bootlicking toward police unions

    June 20th, 2021

    My better half, Kathy Mitchell, posted this on Facebook about Gov. Abbott's criminal-justice vetoes, and since I hadn't written anything on the subject yet, with her permission I'm re-posting it here. For a more sanguine perspective on what Grits has called the worst Texas legislative session on cri... [Link]
  • Great Virginia DUI defense starts with you and adds a well-selected lawyer

    June 18th, 2021

    Great Virginia DUI defense-- and all effective criminal defense -- starts with you, the defendant. As a Fairfax DWI lawyer, I know that such successful defense starts with your behavior and perceived behavior; whom you associate with and where; your past criminal record; and countering police profil... [Link]
  • Virginia bail victories in Circuit Court need reasons from the bench

    June 16th, 2021

    Virginia bail hearing victories can be exhilarating. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know that getting released from jail pending trial for a Virginia DUI, felony or misdemeanor prosecution can be the only assurance that the criminal defendant will not lose his job, home, and other essential protect... [Link]
  • Man Arrested in Texas for Allegedly Stealing Ventilators Intended For COVID-19 Patients in El Salvador

    June 16th, 2021

    A 42-year-old Florida man was apprehended by police in Del Rio, Texas, in an alleged plot to steal 192 medical ventilators owned by the U.S. government. The devices are reportedly worth approximately three million dollars. The equipment was intended for an intensive care facility in El Salvador, for... [Link]

    June 11th, 2021

    Prosecutors say no but the plain language of the new misdemeanor judicial diversion statute PC 1001.95 clearly states that it applies to all misdemeanors except those specifically excluded. DUI offenses are not specifically excluded in the language of the statute. The Legislative intent of a statut... [Link]
  • Can you expunge your Tennessee DUI conviction ?

    June 10th, 2021

    During the cornavirus, people are stuck at home and surfing the internet. Our office has had several inquiries from our website asking this question. Can I have my Tennessee DUI conviction expunged from my record ? The quick answer is no.  A Tennessee DUI conviction can never be expunged currently. [Link]
  • Nashville, Tn. Police Department Will Not Have Body Cams

    June 10th, 2021

    The Nashville Tennessean reported yesterday  that Metro Nashville Police Department will not be getting funding for body cams. This news is shocking. Why ?  Metro Nashville Police Department has for years resisted a department wide implementation of body cams. Police s have for years hid behind th... [Link]
  • Unfair Police Practices in Tennessee DUI Cases

    June 10th, 2021

    The police have an unfair advantage in prosecuting most Tennessee DUI cases. The main reason is the police control the narrative during the investigation. A citizen does not question the police during the DUI investigation. Here are just some examples. The police control the information in the arres... [Link]
  • Missing Boy Found Dead in Jasper Motel

    June 7th, 2021

    Police announced that they believe the body of a boy who allegedly went missing last week was found in a motel room in Jasper. Officers arrested the biological father’s girlfriend after discovering her in the room when they found the boy’s body. According to the Assistant Police Chief in Houst... [Link]
  • Texas Woman Faces Life in Prison for Sex Trafficking

    June 1st, 2021

    A Texas woman was convicted of child sex trafficking by a federal grand jury earlier this month for her role in coercing a child under the age of 18 to produce child pornography and to engage in commercial sex acts, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI. The Dallas woman was convicte... [Link]