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  • Can a Passenger be Charged with DWI in New Jersey?

    April 25th, 2018

    Most people know that if they operate a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they can be charged with a DWI. However, few people know that you can be charged with a DWI even if you are not driving the vehicle. If you are a passenger who has been arrested or charged […]... [Link]
  • LAPD Officer Charged with DUI Murder

    April 24th, 2018

    A Los Angeles Police Department officer was arrested last week on suspicion of three counts of murder as the result of a suspected DUI-related collision in Whittier last fall. On September 26, 2017, Edgar Verduzco, 27, was allegedly speeding in the carpool lane under the influence of alcohol on the... [Link]
  • Nearly 30 Minute Delay During Florida DUI Investigation Was Too Long So DUI Case Thrown Out

    April 23rd, 2018

    In DUI cases, the police generally observe a driver break some traffic law and then initiate a traffic stop. If the police officer claims to observe evidence that the driver is drunk or otherwise impaired, that officer will start a DUI investigation.  However, the police officer in Florida does not... [Link]
  • On increasing prosecutor caseloads in an era of crime decline

    April 20th, 2018

    On Twitter, TDCAA complained about Grits' observation in this post that, as the number of crimes with victims declined over recent years, police and prosecutors have shifted their focus to areas where they may maintain or even increase caseloads despite more than two decades of dropping crime.The as... [Link]
  • DWI Accidents Involving Bodily Injury in New Jersey

    April 19th, 2018

    Assault by auto is an extremely serious charge that can be even worse if you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If convicted, you could lose your job, not to mention jeopardizing your personal reputation. If you have been arrested for a DWI, you need to reach out to a skilled New Jersey [... [Link]
  • Booze Is Good for You!

    April 18th, 2018

    It’s true!  Recent scientific research, some of it funded by our government, is on the path to finding that drinking alcohol is actually quite healthy! Hmmm.  Maybe we should take a second look at this latest research into the health benefits of alcohol…. Alcohol Companies Are Funding Research... [Link]
  • Your JUUL Can Cause You Trouble With the Law

    April 16th, 2018

    What is a JUUL? JUUL devices heat up a cartridge containing oils to create vapor, which quickly dissolves into the air. The device is small enough to fit in a closed fist and has a sleek look that resembles a…Read more ›... [Link]
  • How Marijuana Can Impair Your Driving and Your Judgment

    April 16th, 2018

    Recreational marijuana became legal in the state of California on January 1, 2018—but “recreational use” does not include smoking it in the car. As the Mercury News points out,  a new state law makes it officially illegal for drivers and passengers alike to smoke weed in vehicles—just one a... [Link]
  • Three or More DUIs Put You in a Different Category—What to Expect

    April 16th, 2018

    Here in California, even a single DUI conviction can complicate your life greatly. A first-time conviction can cost you jail time, license restrictions, fines and mandatory classes—not to mention embarrassment in your home and professional life. However, these difficulties pale in comparison to wh... [Link]
  • The California DUI-Triggered License Suspension

    April 13th, 2018

    Without a doubt, one of the most confusing aspects of a California DUI case is how the DUI arrest and conviction affects a person’s driving privileges. When does it take effect? How long does it last? Am I eligible for a restricted license? What complicates matters further is that whenever a perso... [Link]
  • Study Shows Teenagers Often Ride with Impaired Drivers

    April 12th, 2018

    An underage DWI should never be taken lightly, since it can negatively affect your future in many ways, including your college and employment opportunities. Our skilled New Jersey DWI attorneys can help, whether it is your first DWI or a subsequent charge. Our firm has the resources, knowledge, and... [Link]
  • New Kansas DUI Laws Coming in 2018

    April 12th, 2018

    In February of 2018, I testified in front of the Kansas Senate Judiciary Committee regarding a bill which would make sweeping changes to the DUI laws in Kansas. Among the proposed amendments to the law were criminalizing refusals of breath tests (again), attempting to incorporate the specific DUI la... [Link]
  • What Constitutes the Crime of Elder Abuse in Texas?

    April 10th, 2018

    While many accusations of elder abuse are real, some are exaggerated or arise from a misunderstanding. Are you a caretaker who is facing elder abuse charges? If so, you need to protect yourself from criminal charges. Texas Elder Abuse Laws…Read more ›... [Link]
  • Aging and DUI: How Getting Older Affects Your Driving

    April 8th, 2018

    You have always prided yourself on being a good driver. You’ve always been careful with consuming alcohol before getting behind the wheel; you know your limits and you err on the side of caution. You’ve had a safe driving record for the past 50 years—only an occasional speeding ticket. You’v... [Link]
  • Police Drew Blood From Unconscious Defendant in Florida DUI Case. Was it Legal?

    April 6th, 2018

    In Florida and other states, when the police arrest a a person they suspect is guilty of DUI (driving under the influence), the police will almost always ask that person to submit to a blood alcohol test. First, as many people are unaware, this request and the actual test in Florida almost always ta... [Link]
  • Lung Condition Causes Woman to Fail Breathalyzer

    April 5th, 2018

    According to the American Lung Association, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, commonly referred to as COPD, which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema, is a chronic lung disease that makes it difficult to breathe. And according to the World Health Organization, COPD affects 65 million peop... [Link]
  • Blogging returns after time in the Southwest- Fairfax criminal lawyer

    April 5th, 2018

    Fairfax criminal lawyer is back to blogging Blogging returns to this website after my family had a great visit to New Mexico. Fairfax criminal lawyer on tribal courts. The first picture here is the Ohkay Owingeh Judicial Complex/ courthouse at a pueblo only a few miles north of Española, as we head... [Link]
  • Study Finds Ignition Interlocks Reduce Drunk Driving Deaths

    April 2nd, 2018

    If you have been charged with a DWI, you need to contact a skilled New Jersey DWI attorney as soon as possible. A DWI conviction can have serious and long-term detrimental consequences for almost every aspect of your life. With meticulous attention to detail, we can offer strong representation again... [Link]

    April 2nd, 2018

    Hello again! How was your holiday weekend? Well, the chances are that it was better than that of Sean Ingram, the 64-year-old retiring fire fighter in Boston and hereinafter, the “Defendant”. He is the gentleman who was arrested Thursday night after “ purposefully crashing into a state police... [Link]
  • San Clemente Woman Faces DUI Vehicular Manslaughter Charges After OC Crash

    March 30th, 2018

    A few weeks ago, I posted on the different ways that a DUI can be charged as a felony. One of the ways is if a DUI-related collision causes death or injury to another person. Additionally, if the DUI leads to the death of someone, the driver could also be facing felony vehicular manslaughter charges... [Link]
  • New Jersey DWI and Leaving the Scene of an Accident

    March 28th, 2018

    If you have been accused of leaving the scene of an accident in order to evade blood alcohol testing or for any other reason, you can be charged with the criminal offense of leaving the scene of an accident involving injuries. If you have been charged with such an offense, you need to consult a […... [Link]
  • Virginia Forensic Science Dept & Actual Innocence Writs- Fairfax Criminal Lawyer

    March 24th, 2018

    Fairfax criminal lawyer on the Virginia Forensic Science Department and Petitions for Writs of Actual Innocence. Virginia Forensic Science Department -- also known as the Department of Forensic Science or DFS -- is involved in such wide-ranging activities as governing breath and blood testing for al... [Link]
  • Should California Have a Legal Limit for DUI of Marijuana?

    March 23rd, 2018

    Prop. 64 is in full swing here in California. While medicinal marijuana has been legal in California since 1996, recreational marijuana is now available for adults who are at least 21-years-old, subject to certain limitations. Up to an ounce of marijuana can be purchased per day and consumed in priv... [Link]
  • The Government’s Recent Report on the Effects of Mandatory Minimum Prison Statutes

    March 23rd, 2018

    In our last blog post, we discussed the problems and dangers of government abuse that come with mandatory minimum prison sentences for various crimes.  In this blog post, we will review a recent report from the United States Sentencing Commission which discusses the effects of mandatory minimum pri... [Link]
  • New Jersey Woman Charged with DWI After Driving onto Train Tracks

    March 21st, 2018

    A DWI charge is a very serious matter that can affect your family and you for the rest of your lives. If you have been charged with a DWI, perhaps the most important decision you will make will be the attorney and law firm you hire to represent you. With years of experience, our diligent […]... [Link]