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The following is an RSS-driven aggregation of the 50 most recent blog posts by lawyers blogging issues related to DUI law (read more about the process...). If you know of a lawyer blogging on DUI law that we haven't covered in the blogroll on the right side of the page, please send a note to Steve Matthews or Lawrence Koplow and we will get them added to the mix!

  • New Jersey Court Discusses Pre-Trial Intervention in DWI Cases

    September 28th, 2020

    The New Jersey criminal courts are tasked with handling a high volume of cases each year. Thus, to cut down on unnecessary hearings, the court allows some people who are charged with less serious offenses to enter into the Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI), thereby avoiding a trial and conviction. [Link]
  • Improper driving result on a Virginia DUI trial date- Fairfax lawyer recounts

    September 28th, 2020

    Improper driving disposition obtained in Virginia DUI prosecution- Fairfax criminal lawyer details how he achieved this result Improper driving (“ID”), which is an infraction, is often a negotiated result sought in a Virginia reckless driving case, but much less often attainable for a DUI case.. [Link]
  • Sheriff in Central Texas Charged with Sexual Assault 

    September 25th, 2020

    Ricky Scaman, the Sheriff of Fall County, was arrested on Monday, September 21, on charges of felony assault on a public servant, sexual assault, and misdemeanor official oppression, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. Scaman was held in the Bell County Jail on Monday evening before... [Link]
  • Fairfax blood DUI defense- Virginia DWI lawyer on preparation & dealing

    September 24th, 2020

    Fairfax blood DUI trials are on a delayed scheduling track, says Virginia DWI lawyer Fairfax blood DUI trials — and any Virginia blood DWI defense under Va. Code § 18.2-266 — presents its own unique challenges. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know that if... The post Fairfax blood DUI defense-... [Link]
  • New Jersey Court Discusses Grounds for Suppressing Evidence in a DWI Case

    September 22nd, 2020

    In DWI cases, the State’s evidence often includes the defendant’s statements and evidence of the defendant’s blood alcohol level. As such, if a defendant is able to prove that such evidence should be deemed inadmissible, it may greatly weaken the prosecution’s case, which increases the chanc... [Link]
  • Netflix’s Jerry Harris Arrested for Child Pornography Following Tarrant County Lawsuit

    September 18th, 2020

    On Thursday, September 17, Jeremiah “Jerry” Harris – star of the Netflix documentary series “Cheer” – was arrested on one count of child pornography. The TV personality was taken into custody in Naperville, IL, and faces charges in federal court in Chicago. His arrest comes on the heels... [Link]
  • Can You Beat a California DUI on Your Own Using Your Own Evidence?

    September 17th, 2020

    Sometimes people will go to extreme lengths and incur substantial expenses in the name of “proving” their innocence. Case in point: a man in Florida was cited for speeding through a 15-mile-per-hour school zone and given a ticket that carried a $404 fine. Rather than pay the fine, the man embark... [Link]
  • Court Explains Grounds for Vacating a Guilty Plea in a New Jersey DWI Case

    September 14th, 2020

    While generally people charged with DWI offer a defense at trial, in some instances, it makes sense for a defendant to enter a guilty plea. Even if a defendant chooses not to contest the charges against him or her though, the court must take certain measures to ensure that the defendant understands... [Link]
  • North Texas ‘Money Doctor’ Sentenced To 25 Years In $30 Million Ponzi Scheme

    September 14th, 2020

    William Neil “Doc” Gallagher, the so-called “Money Doctor,” was well known throughout North Texas for his AM radio show, his supposed devotion to Christianity, his public appearances, and his alleged financial acumen. However, federal and state authorities accused Gallagher of scamming more... [Link]
  • Timing your hiring of a Fairfax or Virginia criminal lawyer

    September 11th, 2020

    Timing your obtaining a lawyer for a Virginia felony, misdemeanor or DUI case involves taking the time to find the right lawyer, and obtaining and investing the finances for the attorney. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know that the prosecution team is already assembled, and that the criminal defen... [Link]
  • Consenting to a DUI Blood Draw

    September 11th, 2020

    Prosecutors in California and other states are thrilled when they receive a DUI case from law enforcement officers which includes results from a blood draw of the suspect driver. Unlike breath testing machines like the Intoxilyzer, which are notoriously unreliable devices for measuring actual breath... [Link]
  • There is a Low Standard in Florida for the State to Obtain Medical Records by Subpoena After DUI Arrest

    September 8th, 2020

    In most DUI cases in Florida, all of the evidence the state obtains is from the traffic stop, the DUI investigation at the scene and then the breathalyzer test at the jail if the defendant agrees to submit to the breathalyzer. This normally involves whatever reason the police officer gives for the t... [Link]
  • Virginia DUI case negotiations will shift with new restricted driving law

    September 7th, 2020

    Virginia DUI case negotiations will be affected significantly by the July 1, 2020, law change concerning the scope of permitted driving for those convicted of drinking and driving. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I know that a DUI conviction means one year of suspended driving for a first offense with... [Link]
  • Addiction- Fairfax criminal lawyer on breaking addictive behavior

    September 6th, 2020

    Addiction relates to many criminal defendants’ cases, says Fairfax criminal lawyer Addiction is an issue for numerous criminal defense clients, particularly in DUI, drug possession, and sex cases alleging child pornography and indecent liberties. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I repeatedly recommen... [Link]
  • New Jersey Court Discusses Admissibility of Blood Samples Taken Without a Warrant

    September 4th, 2020

    Under New Jersey law, if a DWI suspect declines to submit to a blood test, the police must obtain a warrant to conduct a blood draw. Thus, if blood is taken from a DWI suspect without consent or a warrant, it may constitute an unreasonable search and seizure in violation of the suspect’s constitut... [Link]
  • COVID-19/DWI Checklanes and Speeding

    September 4th, 2020

    The Taos, New Mexico Sheriff’s Department set up DUI checklanes recently to not only distribute information about the coronavirus, but also to try to make some DUI arrests. They stopped 500 cars and made 0 DUI arrests. They did distribute pamphlets about COVID-19. I don’t know who it is that is... [Link]
  • Dallas Anesthesiologist Receives Additional Prison Time for Healthcare Fraud

    September 4th, 2020

    On August 10, 2020, Dr. Richard Ferdinand Toussaint Jr., an anesthesiologist and cofounder of the upscale hospital, Forest Park Medical Center, received a 66-month federal prison sentence for his involvement in a $200 million fraud case. He was also ordered to pay restitution fees of more than $82.9... [Link]
  • Virginia police are ready for DUI stops this holiday weekend- Be ready

    September 4th, 2020

    Virginia police wisely anticipate a spike of people driving with beer, wine and alcohol in their bodies during Labor Day weekend. What can you do to avoid being arrested in the first place to avoid becoming a holiday weekend DUI arrestee and, worse, convicted for DWI? As a Fairfax criminal lawyer an... [Link]
  • A California DUI with Priors

    September 3rd, 2020

    The facts of a recent news story from Edgewood, Delaware are repeated countless times across the United States on a daily basis: a driver is arrested for driving under the influence and is found to have been previously convicted of DUI one or more times. In the story from Delaware, a driver was arre... [Link]
  • Is Remote Learning During the Pandemic Increasing Risks for Domestic Violence?

    September 1st, 2020

    News reports across the board continue to confirm: Domestic violence is on the rise around the world, largely owing to the ongoing pandemic. Between lockdowns and quarantines, more time spent at home, rising unemployment and numerous other triggering factors, many households have become a tinder box... [Link]
  • New Jersey Court Rejects Appeal Based on Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Following DWI Conviction

    August 27th, 2020

    Many people incorrectly believe that a DWI charge is merely akin to a traffic offense and that they do not need to hire an attorney or retain knowledgeable counsel. The consequences of retaining an inexperienced lawyer were illustrated in a recent New Jersey DWI case, in which the defendant was foun... [Link]
  • Driving While Diabetic: Irregular Blood Sugar Levels May Lead to a DUI Arrest

    August 27th, 2020

    Approximately ten percent of Americans are believed to have diabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects the body’s ability to produce or use insulin. Without treatment, people with diabetes may be unable to control their blood... [Link]
  • Fairfax optional discovery order where the Commonwealth opts out- Part II

    August 22nd, 2020

    Fairfax optional discovery order ("Order") forms are addressed in part 1 of this article (here). This is the second and final part of this blog entry on this topic by me, a Fairfax criminal lawyer handling felony, misdemeanor and DUI defense for decades in Fairfax County and Northern Virginia. The... [Link]
  • Can a Phone Predict Whether a Person is Too Drunk to Drive?

    August 21st, 2020

    Throughout the years, we’ve discussed the different things that a person can do to prevent themselves or others from driving drunk. Amongst them, you’ve heard me mention personal breathalyzers that a person can purchase to help them gauge whether they or someone else should be getting behind the... [Link]
  • New Jersey Court Discusses Demonstrating a Discovery Violation Has Occurred in a DWI Case

    August 21st, 2020

    Discovery is a critical part of any DWI case, as it allows the defendant to determine what evidence the state seeks to introduce at trial and helps prepare defenses to refute the implications of that evidence. Thus, if the state commits a discovery violation, it may greatly impact a defendant’s ri... [Link]