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The DUI Lawyer Blog Watch is a one-page aggregation of the 50 most recent postings by attorneys blogging on DUI law. The blogroll on the right-hand side of the site represents all the blogs we’re currently watching. As of August 2014, the site monitor 72 different blog feeds, and our list is always evolving!

Our collection includes both blogs exclusively dedicated to DUI law, and criminal lawyer blogs which have been filtered to include only posts that contain the terms ‘DUI’ or ‘DWI’. Blogroll links (in the right-hand sidebar) are directed to the homepage for DUI bloggers, and to a DUI-dedicated page or category for criminal law bloggers.

The purpose of this site is to create a watchable stream of lawyer commentary on DUI law, and to provide a location where both the media and those in the legal industry can track the day’s news at a grassroots level.

The site was created by Steve Matthews, who blogs with his company Stem Legal and at the Vancouver Law Librarian Blog, and also with the help of Lawrence Koplow, a Phoenix Arizona DUI lawyer, who blogs at the Arizona DUI Defense Blog and the Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog.

Finally, this website is not a finished project, nor an exclusive club. If you know of another blogging DUI lawyer, please send a note to Steve Matthews (email) or Lawrence Koplow (email) and we will get them added to the mix!